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Smartphone consumers are looking for lowest data pricing and higher data speed experience while browsing and tethering. But no one had experienced or imagined the revolutionary Free voice/roaming service. From consumer view point ideally they would now expect to get all of above in ‘lowest and best’ package. On the other hand incumbent operators would have to compete hard to even retain their subscribers on each of above services.

Present mobile networks are offering 4G data at 3G data prices and with average speed across competition. With public launch of Jio service offering Free usage till end Dec’16 having high speed 4G data and lucrative proposition of “Free Voice” (without using data from your pack) to experience their services before you start paying for same. Read details in earlier post on Reliance Jio tariff comparison Vs Airtel, Vodafone, Idea tariff plans.

Lowest data pricing is important for everyone so as to save money and get maximum data in same price. Incumbent operators have been offering cheaper night data usage, double data, free data and data cashback on data usage. This also gives more data to consumer within same pricing. From marketing point competition is, who can offer lowest data pricing per GB. With more than 4 years taken by Reliance Jio to launch 4G only network and the perception from their earlier Reliance Infocomm launch, consumer expected to have higher data speeds at lowest data pricing. Now incumbent operators may have to shell out more to compete with lower pricing ex. have lower margin or offer discounts. For you will the lowest data pricing be enough to pay for service in Jan’17?

Higher data speed experience is attractive proposition for consumer with same pricing. Competition across 4G operators is to provide seamless higher data speed experience anywhere and everywhere but presently no one is winning on same. Also earlier feedback on Reliance Jio service during ‘preview offer’ with limited device brands was of getting higher data speeds however since public launch with ‘welcome offer’ the feedback have turned the tide for speeds dropping to similar 3G data speed from incumbent operators. During next few months Jio network is expected to resolve data speed issues and give 4G high data speed experience to compete with incumbent operators. However incumbent operators may have to spend more on deploying new technologies for offering high speeds ex. more spectrum, career aggregation, etc. For you will this high data speeds be enough to pay for service in Jan’17?

Free voice is the most talking point and would entice subscribers of incumbent operators who would like to save their money on voice, roaming and sms. Also offering clear voice, free roaming, free SMS and free night data usage will be great package for 4G smartphone users. With recent discussion ongoing to resolve the interconnect issues, we hope by end Dec16 the call connect issues are completely resolved. This package of free voice, roaming, sms from anywhere within country will give peace of mind to subscribers on their unlimited usage within fixed expense and no bill shocks. Also read earlier post Will Reliance Jio packs save your money?. However only time will tell whether incumbent operators can compete this proposition. For you will this free voice be enough to pay for service in Jan’17?

Also at present very less have been shared on Reliance Jio Customer Service network on SIM or Reliance LYF devices and that itself can be deciding factor on service perception. And read more from earlier post on deciphering Reliance Jio announcement with their released plan.

Share your comments for which service you will pay in Jan’17?


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