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Social networking get another doze of excitement for connecting with friends/people with new messaging app named #GoogleAllo. This is the name of the Google messaging app which is recently launched to compete with WhatsApp from Facebook, iMessage from Apple, etc. Also there are many other messaging apps in India eg. Hike, Wechat, Nimbuss, Hangout etc. Google allo app is presently available only on Android and iOS platform. Google Allo will send invite messages with link to install app for users who do not have Google Allo installed yet. This SMS is presently sent only in US, India and Brazil market to capture maximum social communication and installations. So, let see what new experience are with Google Allo for users.

Sharing new 10 experiences after using Google Allo application:

  1. Messaging application (#GoogleAllo) installation is quick and register with your mobile number. An OTP code sent for authentication and activation of your account. The new feature is that this messaging account gets attached to your default gmail account on your android phone profile. This new feature would mean that backup of Google Allo group/messages should be available when you sign-in with same gmail account on another device. Camera is integrated and opens automatically for your selfie to be added as profile image on this application. Now you are good to start messaging.
  2. Google assistant is the best feature which is integrated into this messaging application. You can chat with Google assistant for getting support on work or any information you need. Overall experience of interacting with google assistant within messaging was fast, accurate and makes this as smarter messaging application. Also messaging application can listen to your voice and shows as text to google assistant for giving information. Another smarter way is to have good assistant included within ongoing chat for information and continue informative discussion. Presently google assistant is only available in English language.
  3. Maps and Drive are also integrated in messaging alongwith google assistant. Just ask Google assistant for the destination within messaging application to see time/distance and then click drive without exiting messaging application.
  4. Smart Replies as suggestions given in chat messages makes your messaging communication quicker. These suggestions will surely be learning fast from your send/receive messages over a period of time.
  5. Emoticons (eg. whatsapp) and Stickers (e.g. Hike, WeChat, Line) are key for messaging application and here you would find all these together integrated in Google Allo messaging. New emoticons, stickers, image customisation makes this messaging communication a fun experience.
    Google Allo pic
  6. Photos can be shared in chat too but the best part
    is that you can personalise with adding alphabets or writing in your handwriting before sending images. This will customise your images/photos on the go without any use of separate image editing applications.



7. Private messaging in Incognito mode is also available with one-to-one and end-to-end encryption. This make communication more secure. The messages here can defined for auto delete after selected time, default is set as 1 hour with shortest as 5 second and lowest as 1 week. Not sure what good use case this will help. Also No notification will be displayed for these messages. Even google cannot read these encrypt messages and hence word suggestions or google assistant is not available in this mode.

Google allo chat8. Font size of chat messages can be changed as needed to express better. This new feature of swiping the send icon makes the chat message larger or shorter. To use font size as Shout (large font) and Whisper (tiny font) is fun way to express your feelings. The funnier part is the size of font depends on the quickness of your swipe or hold the word to see the font size before sending. You got to try this to feel the experience. This is much easier and not available in other messaging platforms.

9. Google assistant chat in messaging application is fun too with smarter replies.. example;
I asked: Are you a girl or boy?
GA reply: Sorry, I don’t understand.
I asked: Are you woman?
GA reply: I’am all-inclusive..
I asked: all-inclusive means what?
GA reply: shows english grammar result of ‘all-inclusive’.
adjective; 1. Including everything or everyone…..
This was smart answer. I am sure we can continue this thread and thats the fun part.

10. Group chat are also available for messaging with multiple contacts with your friends, family or colleagues. New experience is to bring Google assistant within chat to  get information and alongwith font changes gives new experience to communication.

#GoogleAllo messaging experience and going forward expectation:
The innovative part is the integration of google assistant within the messaging application. This will surely be giving a easier and better experience in communication. Especially on mobile the google assistant may replace standard way of search thru google webpage.

Only drawback is that Google Allo also does not have a voice/video calling feature over internet (like whatsapp call). On selecting the contact name, there is call sign but this uses the normal voice calling. Although the contact details show option to call thru whatsapp if installed on phone.

Google Allo may have come at right time when most users have WhatsApp since long and would be looking to explore new experiences and ways of smarter communication. On Humour side, having most doable features integrated within the application, this may be called as “google allo chat” in India (as cubed potato pieces mixed with spices is called ‘all chat’ in hindi language)

Try it out and Share your experience……..

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