Finally, the iPhone 7 loaded with iOS 10 is almost here. Per the rumors, tech writers across the globe have gone crazy about the features such as the dual camera system or the improved 3D touch, there is something more interesting than the phone itself – the iOS 10.

Here is everything you need to know about the iOS 10

  • Finally, you can remove the default apps
    Free up some storage from your iPhone. For years we’ve not been able to use or delete default apps such as calendar, reminder, stock, weather, etc., while many third-party apps surpassed them in bringing more useful exciting features. Although Apple didn’t announce this officially, with the new iOS 10, users can remove these default apps.
  • More Widgets
    Android Jelly Bean had this capability to have widgets on your lock screen. That’s exactly what Apple is doing in iOS 10 with the widgets, but as always in a better way. A swipe to the right from the lock screen now brings the widgets screen, which resides left to the lock screen and home screen.
  • Raise your iPhone to wake it
    If you may be wondering that if swiping to the right brings widgets, how do one will unlock the screen? The answer is simple, just press the home button – that’s it. In iOS 10, raising your phone will alone wake the phone to the lock screen and a tapping the home button will unlock and take you to the home screen, with touch-ID verification happening unnoticed.
  • Powerful Lock screen
    In the new lock screen, you can reply to messages and many other actions mostly with the use of 3D touch. You can get so much done on the lock screen, however, most of them require 3D touch capability.
  • More 3D Touch
    Speaking of 3D Touch, it is implemented everywhere in the new iOS. Now you can see live widgets of apps by hard pressing the app icons on the home screen. You can take actions on notification from the lock screen or the notification shade with the 3D touch. In the improved quick settings shade, you can use the 3D touch to pick between a preset timer in the Timer shortcut or can adjust the intensity of the flash light.
  • Optimized Storage
    Apple seems to bring some of the key aspects of Optimized Storage from Mac OS Sierra to the iPhone. In the music app, Apple has added a new feature that will delete the least listened songs if you are short on storage.
  • Improved Apps
    The Mail app now features an unsubscribe button to help you declutter the inbox, although this feature existed for some time in apps like Outlook. The alarm is improved with a special wake-up alarm addition to the regular ones, which also remind you of a time to go to bed if you want to wake on the time you set. Finally, iMessages is now a platform which integrates many features from other services like Snapchat and WeChat. You can read everything new in iMessages here.


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