With both the iPhone 7 phones now officially launched, it is already getting shipped to users. Compliments and flaws are both coming from all around the world. Here’s a new one from Myke Hurley.

Myke shares Apple’s new touch sensitive, solid-state home button, require direct contact with the skin to function. With the winter season quickly creeping in, this might just turn very rapidly from a mild inconvenience to a major obstacle for even using the phone with gloves on.

It appears the issue lies with Apple’s TouchID fingerprint recognition technology. In the iPhone 7 pair it has also taken up the task of registering touches for the user, a task, which just like most capacitive touchscreens struggles when using gloves.

Frankly, this is not a new issue and simply lies in the essence of the tech itself. We could have probably even foreseen it, were it not for the aforementioned abundance of other iPhone 7 distractions.

To make matters worse, iOS 10 seems to be a lot keener on using the home button than previous versions. You can no longer swipe over to the passcode entry from the lockscreen. The home button is necessary. And even if you could unlock the phone, using it would still be a struggle without said control.

Now, it is important to note that this matter requires some further investigation in order to judge its severity. Some users are reporting that using touchscreen-friendly gloves fixes the issue, but other have had no luck with that approach either. It might simply be a matter of ramping up sensitivity, a common software remedy employed by many smartphone manufacturers.

Still, it is interesting to see when and how Apple reacts to the matter. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any future developments.


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